Co Occuring Disorders
Co Occuring Disorders

At South Coast Counseling, we treat those who are diagnosed with one or more of a number of disorders relating to the use of alcohol or other substances. We also provide treatments for those patients who have such a disorder in addition to a mental health disorder. The latter type of client has what is called a Co-Occurring Disorder (COD).

The term “substance use disorder” includes drug or alcohol abuse, and also the dependency on these. Those who experience a chemical dependency on alcohol or drugs can also have a mood or anxiety disorder. Occasionally, a client will have a severe mental health disorder, in which episodes and symptoms are long-lasting and negatively affect his or her ability to cope with every day stressors and events. In the past, alcohol and substance use disorders were treated separately from each other.

A diagnosis of Co-Occurring Disorders results when the symptoms of a substance abuse disorder and a mental disorder are established independently of each other. In such cases, the client’s symptoms cannot be conveniently attributed to a single cause. Therefore, a Co-Occurring Disorder is a more complex issue, and coping with it requires an impartial expert. The statistics surrounding CODs are staggering:

  • Approximately 8.9 million adults have co-occurring disorders, meaning that they have both a mental and substance use disorder.

  • Only 7.4 percent of these individuals receive treatment for both conditions.

  • 55.8 percent receive no treatment at all.

If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from multiple disorders or have been diagnosed with a Co-Occurring Disorder, please contact us.