Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is characterized by having unhealthy or dangerous drinking habits. There are many ways to gauge whether or not you have a healthy attitude towards alcohol. Unfortunately, alcoholism wears many masks, and these disguises are often sophisticated enough to fool us into believing we could not possibly be affected. Discovering a dysfunctional relationship requires that you be honest with yourself. Look for the following signs and, if you should find any, remember to be forgiving of yourself and seek out counseling for help in dealing with these issues:

  • Most or all of your social outings and after-work or extracurricular activities involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol

  • Craving alcohol at all hours

  • The inability to control how much you drink once you start

  • Finding yourself incapable of stopping

  • Consistently having to up the amount of alcohol you consume in order to get that same buzz

  • Hangovers and other unwelcome post-party guests are becoming increasingly pronounced or painful

  • The strength of your relationships is suffering because your drinking habits

  • You are experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, anxiety, sweating, shakiness and more

These are but a few of the many signs that the individual in question might be an alcoholic. If you or a loved one is currently dealing with one or more of these issues, please reach out to us immediately so that we can help. Our specialists are compassionate experts who can really make a difference.