Substance Abuse
Types of Therapy

Underestimating the importance of therapy in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment processes can have drastic, painful consequences. Those patients who never confronted the root causes of their substance abuse problem are much more likely to relapse into the destructive behaviors characteristic of addiction as soon as they move on from the rehab center. The benefits offered by therapists who specialize in alcohol and drug addiction treatment are manifold. For one, they offer the patient the chance to delve into the emotional underpinnings of his or her self-damaging tendencies.

Among the types of therapy offered are one-on-one talk sessions, twelve-step programs, group therapy and cognitive therapy. Each provides an array of different positive aspects. For example, group therapy allows peers to come together to express, in a completely safe environment, their troubles, concerns and feelings. This mutual support can extend even beyond the group, creating lasting, life-affirming bonds that are tremendously beneficial to the recovery process. The risk of relapse is mitigated by the development and reinforcement of an understanding, compassionate social circle. There are many, many structured therapy techniques available to ensure a profound and lasting recovery.

Therapy Works

Substance abuse can have a dramatic and negative impact on the life of the abuser and those he or she loves most. If you or a loved one suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction, you should reach out to us immediately. Our specialists are compassionate experts who can really make a difference. At our drug and alcohol rehab center, we provide the therapy programs that can help you or your loved one achieve lasting recovery. Learn how, exactly, therapy can most benefit you. Call us today, and rediscover the lightness and sense of wellbeing a life free of addiction can give you.