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Is Alcohol/Drug Addiction ruining your life or the life of a loved one? If so, you are a phone call away from “Real Solutions”.

For over 45 years, South Coast Counseling has been providing quality treatment in a loving and supportive environment for literally thousands of men and women. We are a full service, comprehensive treatment program, providing recovery options geared toward an addict’s and/or alcoholic’s specific needs. We provide a respectful, loving, and safe environment. We strive to work toward the underlying core issues of addiction. We provide traditional addiction treatment with an emphasis on strong maintenance of how to build long-term recovery through innovative and individualized treatment planning.

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Battling Addiction Is A Difficult Process. Finding Help Should Not Be.

South Coast Counseling’s comprehensive program offers men and women the opportunity to secure a foundation in recovery, to break the devastating cycle of addiction and restore healthy personal, family, social and community relationships.

Our comprehensive program includes, process/group counseling, individual counseling, trauma exploration and resolution, life skills counseling, relapse counseling, guided meditation, addiction education, outstanding recreation activities, a place to grow and feel safe in your recovery as all of these aspects are combined to shape you in your treatment process.





To break the cycle of addiction and its negative consequences by facilitating transition into a new and sober lifestyle. Key elements of this process include: EDUCATION, SUPERVISION, STRUCTURE, SUPPORT, STABILITY, and SPIRITUALITY.


Our Purpose: Our purpose is for each client to achieve short and long-range goals that include: sobriety, serenity, independence (through self-support), enhancement of self-image, and the development of healthy interpersonal relationships.

We are not interested in being the largest or most exclusive treatment center. Instead, we focus on the very basic and time tested principles of recovery.

Our purpose is for each client to achieve short and long term goals through their individual treatment plan to include sobriety, serenity, development of self-relationship and relationships with family and other members of their sober community. We are not interested in becoming or being the largest or most exclusive nor most expensive facility, be we are interested in being who we are, real, genuine, tangible and authentic recovery workers for every client’s care. For more than 45 years South Coast Counseling, Inc., has continued to build and expand on these goals and basic principles of recovery.